Fiesta Warsteiner 2019

30.8.2019 – 7.9.2019 celý den
Warsteiner, Německo
Fiesta Warsteiner 2019 @ Warsteiner, Německo

Dear Pilots,

according to our motto „ballooning, holiday & fun“ we will invite you today to the Warsteiner International Montgolfiade 2019 in Warstein.

The registration takes place online at: (password: wim2019), there you have to assign a registration name for the first time (for possible registrations of further balloons).

The documents must be uploaded at the end of the online registration process. Please register with your current documents, even if they are no longer valid for WIM 2019 (e.g. medical, insurance, etc.). As soon as you have the new or extended documents with minimum validity for the period of WIM 2019, you can send them by email.

If you want to register another balloon, please first send the (1) registration and then register another balloon via (2) registration.

We are looking forward to your registrations and many balloon starts at WIM 2019.

Good luck and soft landings!